Carxtic offers a more innovative way to connect with your customers, actively reach out and target new and larger audiences, stand out from the competition and improve your brand's bottom line

Why Carxtic

In a world that is ever more on the move, on-car advertising is becoming one of the most effective and powerful branding and marketing tool


Reach a larger audience

Data shows that car advertisement can reach tens of thousands of viewers every day - all of which may want your products or services.

A well-designed car wrap will also stand out from every vehicle on the road, and turn the heads of the other drivers and pedestrians to your message hence draw more attention to your business and products.

non-intrusive nature

Unlike online banners or radio and TV commercials which bombard when viewing your favourite show or your friends' funny memes, customers can spot the message when they are sitting in the traffic, bored but laser-focused on the road or passing by on the sidewalk. 

At a time when 60% of digital users have an adblocker installed on their devices, car ads are less likely to be ignored or overlooked.

Generate buzz about your brand 

Data shows that the majority of Canadian consumers have a favourable opinion on the brands they see on vehicle ads. Many viewers believe that the company owns the car or the fleet and that they are delivering products or services or they assume that the neighbours are using the product or service, hence form a positive opinion towards the brand. 

Brand Ambassadors & Social Influencers

Our drivers also the play role of unofficial brand ambassadors, since they have families and friends who may also be your target customers. Displaying your brand on their car could influence their families and friends to buy your product or service. 

We also encourage our drivers to share with us  photos of their branded cars and we post on our social media pages, creating an omnichannel experience

It's Mobile

Unlike billboards, bus shelters and benches which fixed specific locations, car advertising is mobile and can be customized to reach audiences in inaccessible markets. It is also an extremely effective form to target local consumers who live, work and shop in your area. 

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How It Works



These include understanding the target audience, budget, and goals to accomplish 




With these goals and vision in mind, we will create a  customized campaign that suits well



We select the most ideal drivers that will carry your brand with pride and enthusiasm from our ever growing inventory of drivers



We finally wrap the cars, put them on the  streets and track them with our GPS system

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